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Whit you since the morning

It is a company specialized in the production of craft products, fresh pastry and confectionery. Founded in 1995 in Pietrastornina, salltown of irpini,it is manaed by Andrea Ciardiello boasting an extensive and careful commercial presence in the Sannio and Irpinia, both as the production and sale in her retail store located in Tufara Valle - Roccabascerana (AV), and as distribution to all categories of the sector. Each store is made up of commercial space for retali, production workshop and officie to accommodate customers interested in the marketing of products.

Andrea follows a philosophy based on two keywords:

Quality: that always permeates the structure and strategy of the oven and this means:

  • accurate selection of raw materials;
  • safe manufacturing processes, consolidated anche checked daily;
  • products of the highest leve for their organoleptic characteristics and for their ability to satisfy the demands and needs of its customers;

Service: In fact the company does not care to sell only quality products, but is also committed to fast and punctual deliveries for better customer service.

The strong point: customers

They allow you to express to Andrea passion in what they do and achieve to take them the various moments of life...